Cuppetelli and Mendoza // Ghorbel and Mhiri // Ursula Handleigh // Hartung and Trenz [AGNS] // Hartung and Trenz [Memorial] // joeressen+kessner // Mischa Kuball // Duane Linklater // Kelly Mark // molitor & kuzmin // Judith Roeder // Kurt Laurenz Theinert

Hartung + Trenz [AGNS]

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia // Hartung + Trenz: Lightscape – Illusion Two projection beams are directed to meet across a dark space on the same projection ground. They display a luminous text employing text lines as graphical material to engender a digital sculpture. “Lightscape – Illusion” is a responsive environment that can be altered

Duane Linklater

Anna Leonowens Gallery // Duane Linklater: Tautology [2011-2013] Neon, aluminum, transformer, enamel, each 60 x 60 inches [152.5 x 152.5 cm] From the collection of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia: “Tautology” is a series of neon sculptures depicting the thunderbird, a legendary creature in various North American Indigenous cultures. Linklater appropriated this specific thunderbird

Ursula Handleigh

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia // Ursula Handleigh: An Apparatus For Longing [2016] An object to be both looked at and looked through, an apparatus that explores loss and practices of looking. Photographs have the ability to be both moving and still, simultaneously expansive and constrictive in its imagery. Fabricated using components from a deconstructed

Kelly Mark

Black-Binney House // Kelly Mark: Glow House Kelly Mark is a conceptual artist who makes use of a broad range of material and found objects to create sculptural installations, performances, video work, photographs, sound, light sculptures, art multiples, mail art, wallpaper, Letraset and tattoos. Glow House, first created in 2000/ 2001 and has been exhibited several times including

Ghorbel + Mhiri

Anna Leonowens Gallery // Houda Ghorbel + Wadi Mhiri The site-and context-responsive intervention will be based on the interference of architecture, uv-light and white thread. [Image of SEE DJERBA 2017 as place-marker only, images will come as soon as the work will be installed.] Houda Ghorbel + Wadi Mhiri: Referential Works Houda Ghorbel and Wadi


City Hall // joeressen+kessner joeressen+kessner have created a project especially for Halifax’s city hall. This work combines light, sound and an analysis of the spacial, temporal and cultural qualities of the building’s environment. It utilizes the dynamics of our city hall’s unique aesthetic, architecture and history for a site-specific audio and projected work. [Referential work:

Hartung + Trenz [Memorial]

Memorial Library // Hartung + Trenz: Character A 2-channel, animated light-text-projection for the Memorial Library Halifax The work of Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz at the Memorial Library in Halifax uses only single letters as projection materials. The sum of all kinds of texts, literatures, and documentation of our alphabetized script culture collected in a

Cuppetelli + Mendoza

Anna Leonowens Gallery // Cuppetelli + Mendoza: Referential Works Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza stage an interplay of the analog and the digital sphere. In the tradition of Op-Art they develop responsive sculptures that focus on the interference of textiles structures and graphical digital animation. The full range of properties shows when visitors not only view

Judith Roeder

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia // Judith Roeder: Schirm In the middle of a free hanging, transparent glass disk there is a blind spot covered with a silvery, light reflecting surface. On each side of the spot, there is a small light source that projects light onto it. Both lights are pulsing in their own

Mischa Kuball

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia // Mischa Kuball: Space-Speed-Speech In a setting of three mirror balls moved by small electrical motors, three slide projectors, three slides with black and white text, Mischa Kuball builds an immersive environment that dissolves the cubature of the given space, the sense of direction and the coherence of text. The

molitor & kuzmin

Dalhousie School of Architecture // molitor & kuzmin: Endless [Image as place-marker only, images will come as soon as the work will be installed.] molitor & kuzmin: Referential Works Images: LICHTROUTEN LUedenscheid 2006 – Photo Claus Langer, LICHTUNGEN Hildesheim 2015 – Sara Foerster, Ricardo Nunes, molitor & kuzmin. RECENT SELECTED EXHIBITIONS 2017 // Pafos (cy),

Kurt Laurenz Theinert

St. David’s Church // Kurt Laurenz Theinert: The Visual Piano Musician: Lucas Pearse Kurt Laurenz Theinert: Explaining the Visual Pinao. Kurt Laurenz Theinert plays a keyboard to improvise imagery on 360° projection spaces. He generates abstract graphic materials – dots and lines, colors and shapes – to choreograph their echoes on all reflecting surfaces. For


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