DALHOUSIE ART GALLERY // Andreas Schmid: Lichtungen (Clearings), 2009/2019

Site-specific light installation, 19 vertical fluorescent coloured filter tubes, acrylic cylinders, programmed compositions, controlled technology 

In Andreas Schmid’s Lichtungen (Clearings) installation, the immediate environment of the exhibition space is gradually transformed as 19 freestanding vertical neon tubes, modulated by a computer program, slowly shift in colour and intensity. As it progresses through the modulations, the artwork becomes an exploration of the effects of changing light on the surrounding architecture and on the visitors’ perceptions of time and space as they move throughout the gallery.

“The works of art by Andreas Schmid are informed both by their locations and by the passage of time. The temporary spaces he creates allow their visitors’ external perception to segue into proprioception as they move through the rooms, discovering their transitory nature.  In interpreting spaces to unearth their latent significance, Schmid primarily uses lines – stretched between two points, glued, drawn, painted, cut out, photographed, laid on the ground or installed on the walls as light fixtures. “Basically, I will amplify whatever I perceived as the characteristic features of a space, which form the basis of my work.  My interventions will also alter empty spaces, charging them with new force and activating them.” Entering into a dialog with the positions taken by painters in the 1960s, Schmid modifies architectural, transitional rooms to become slowly changing drawings of light in space.  A computer program modulates the colouring and intensity of the columns of light in a gentle rhythm.  The drawings of light that Andreas Schmid creates in space thus open up another, separate space in which a patient observer will be able to observe the slow pulse of change – a space for visual exploration and meditation.”

Dr. Renate Wiehager
Head of the Daimler Art Collection


Andreas Schmid
Daimer Art Collection

Andreas Schmid

*1955, Stuttgart, Germany, lives in Berlin

Andreas Schmid studied art education and free arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart, Germany. The line has always been crucial for his art. From 1983 until 1986 Andreas Schmid spent three years in the P.R. of China to study calligraphy, history of calligraphy and seal carving at the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou. After returning to Germany, Schmid moved to Berlin in early 1987, where his work turned more and more towards space related installations and space drawings. His work is shown in several national and international exhibitions in Germany, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Japan and the P.R. of China including Hong Kong.

In 1993 Andreas Schmid co-curated the first large exhibition of contemporary Chinese art- “China Avantgarde” in Europe in Berlin, Rotterdam, Oxford and Odense. In 1997 he curated the exhibition „Contemporary Photo-Art from the P.R. of China” for the NBK, Berlin. Among other grants, Schmid received a scholarship for a residency at the Chinati foundation in Marfa, USA in 2000. There he began to work with (natural) light. In 2002 his first work with programmed cycles took place at the DaimlerChrysler Collection in Berlin (“Seven Pieces for One Space“) with the German composer Isabel Mundry.

Since 2003 on, Schmid has been working regularly with light in public spaces in various cities. Additionally he has been teaching “light and space” in art academies in Hanoi, Ho-Chi-Minh-city (Vietnam) and several Chinese cities like Chengdu and Chongqing.

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