CITADEL HILL // Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garrett: The deep dark (2015)

The Deep Dark is a spatial installation intended to illuminate the interspace between our sacred (and natural) environments and cultural constructs of darkness. To develop the installation, the artists conducted interviews, asking: why do we fear the dark? Is darkness a presence or an absence? What separates real fears of nighttime from imaginary fears of things we cannot see? By unearthing commonalities between interviewed participants, a loose narrative emerged, exposing a collective insight into our human relationship with the deep dark.

The Deep Dark uses domestic doorways as an entry point, inviting you to move through ghostly architecture. As you pass through each frame, you are blinded by intense white light that overexposes your eyes. The darkness beyond the frames is magnified to blackness, much darker than before. As your eyes adjust to the dark, the next illuminated doorframe becomes visible in the distance, beckoning you onward. From an outward perspective, as viewers step through the gates, they disappear completely. Intended to impose artificial light into the wild darkness, The Deep Dark is light by which the darkness grows darker and disillusions the night.

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Caitlind Brown and Wayne Garrett

Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett explore interspaces between seemingly polarized entities: light + darkness, nature + culture, individual + collective, DIY + institutional. Whether exhibiting in artist-organized domestic settings, formal galleries, or obscure public spaces, their work draws connections between materials, spaces, people, and places, changing the everyday through a critical shift in perspective. Collaborating since 2011, the duo has exhibited at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Russia), Japan Alps Art Festival (Japan), Weisman Art Museum (USA), Pera Museum (Turkey), the National Arts Centre (Canada), and others. Their public artworks can be seen in Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto, sculpted from cars, hourglasses, rainbows, and more. When working independently, Wayne is a musician; Caitlind is a co-curator with WRECK CITY collective. Beautiful, subversive, and radically inclusive, their practice emphasizes transformation above all else.

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