Anna Leonowens Gallery // Cuppetelli + Mendoza: Notional Field

Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza stage an interplay of the analog and the digital sphere. In the tradition of Op-Art they develop responsive sculptures that focus on the interference of textiles structures and graphical digital animation. The full range of properties shows when visitors not only view but move and interact with work.

Notional Field is an interactive installation that consists of hundreds of vertical and parallel lines made of elastic cord that are projected upon with a computer- generated, interactive animation manipulated by the movements of the viewer.

Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza began collaborating as Cuppetelli & Mendoza in 2010. They create installations and objects that combine physical elements with digital technologies, composing sensual, immersive and dynamic experiences. Based in Detroit, their work has been exhibited in the Denver Art Museum, the Bienal de Video y Artes Mediales in Chile and in festivals such as Nemo 2013 (France), Scopitone 2012 (France), ISEA 2012, FILE 2011 (Brazil), FAD 2011 (Brazil) and video_dumbo 2013 and 2011 (New York). They were selected as Kresge Arts in Detroit Fellows for 2015.

“By not only mapping the object but by mapping the viewer as well, Cuppetelli and Mendoza realize works that are responsive to their audience. The full range of properties of their body of work shows when visitors not only view but also move and interact in front of the installation. The installations respond to their viewers with change. They translate the viewer’s movement into their setting and allow a playful exploration to unfold …” >> More


2016 // Abrau-Durso (ru), MARS
2016 // Stuttgart-Region (de), AUFSTIEGE
2015 // Lisbon (pt), PLUNC
2014 // Quebec (ca), Mois Multi 15
Since 2010 // Regular exhibition activity, mainly in the USA.

// Annica Cuppetelli
2008 // Bloomfield Hills, MI (us), Cranbrook Academy of Art, MA
2002 // Detroit, MI (us), College for Creative Studies, BFA

// Cristobal Mendoza
2007 // Providence, RI (us), Rhode Island School of Design, MA
2003 // Baltimore County (us), University of Maryland, BA
2000 // College Park (us), University of Maryland College Park, MD


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