Anna Leonowens Gallery // Duane Linklater: Tautology [2011-2013]

Neon, aluminum, transformer, enamel, each 60 x 60 inches [152.5 x 152.5 cm]

From the collection of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia: “Tautology” is a series of neon sculptures depicting the thunderbird, a legendary creature in various North American Indigenous cultures. Linklater appropriated this specific thunderbird image from Norval Morrisseau’s seminal painting, Androgyny (1983). By reanimating the bird in neon – a contemporary, commercial material – Linklater inserts the traditional icon into contemporary discourse.

[Photos: Steve Farmer; Katherine Nakaska]

Artist’s Statement

Working in performance, installation, film and other media, Duane Linklater addresses issues of cultural loss and recovery as well as authenticity, appropriation, and authorship. He often collaborates with others, reconsidering oral traditions where the transmission of knowledge, stories or histories is essential to future generations.

Images: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Sobey Art Award.


2016 // Canada Council for the Arts, Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award for Media Art
2013 // Sobey Art Award hosted by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia


2016 //  New York (us), 80WSE Gallery
2016 // Toronto (ca), Mercer Union
2015 // Salt Lake City, UT (us), Utah Museum of Fine Arts
2014 // Vancouver (ca), Catriona Jeffries
2014 // Philadelphia, PA (us), Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia,
2014´// Montreal, QC (ca), Vox Centre de L’image Contemporaine


2012 // New York, Bard College, MA
Since 2005 // regular exhibition activity, mainly in North America
2005 // Alberta, University, Fine Arts, BA
2003 // Alberta University, Native Studies, Undergraduat Degree
1976 // Born in Moose Factory, Ontario (ca)

Duane Linklater c/o Catriona Jeffries

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