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CITADELL HILL // Hartung + Trenz: EVER & EVER

Detlef Hartung has been part of the planning of //RESPONSIVE since its inception in 2016. Together with his collaborator George Trenz the two presented Lightscape and their new work Character at //RESPONSIVE 2017.

This year they will be creating a new work to be projected onto the side of Citadel Hill. The work EVER & EVER writes onto the slope of the citadel in Halifax lines of text with word pairs of everyday life and sends them in a steady movement along the slope. These double terms, such as nice and easy, back and forth in the work of Hartung and Trenz, always combined with a & sign, are very common in English. Sometimes they include opposites (heaven and hell), sometimes doubling (ever and ever), sometimes things or people that simply belong together (salt and pepper, adam and eve). But almost always they tell short stories, short dramas of
human existence. It is not possible to express shorter victory and defeat, euphoria and despair in life.

Hartung and Trenz, Immer & Ewig, 2019, Kulturkirche Ost, Cologne

“When approaching a new project, we start to ask a lot of questions and in the same way and the same time, we explore the interplay of the site and the possibilities of projection. And the better both work, the more information and associations surface and the more questions dive up. Usually the midst of this entanglement becomes our working ground …”

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Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz

Since more than 20 years Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz are realizing text projections for the inside and outside working as a team predominately – their big subject is the combination of light, space and language and all three factors playing together to break down other meaning levels.

In their typographical experiments they explore the symbolic dimension of characters as representation of definitions and contents. While playing with size and intervals, proportions and movement patterns as well as transparent and non-transparent overlays their black and white textures are forming. As ephemeral surfaces for build architecture or landscapes they become visual scores in which the quality of characters is envisioned as well as associative dimension. The range of activities of this artist pair reaches from the creation of a flashlight as multiple up to landscape-large and digitally animated projections.

The cooperation of both artists began in the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich as master-class pupils of Prof. Gerhard Berger. Georg Trenz, born in 1962, had completed his studies as a communication designer and Detlef Hartung, born in 1958, had studied mechanical engineering before.

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