In 2018, as part of a GASP Public Sculpture Commission in Tasmania titled Refraction Principle, James Geurts produced an in-situ video work titled FATHOM I: Wilkinsons Point (approx. 40° S), where industrial waste interposes the brackish reaches of the Derwent River. During the video shoot Geurts exposed the circuitry of his camera to the atmosphere of the site, as a way to draw out the effects of residing magnetic anomalies generated through the layers of heavy metal deposits, permitting moisture, temperature, light and salt air to disrupt the digital colour fields. The resulting two-channel video, through pulses of light and colour, forefronts how the physical atmosphere can alter technology and consequent perception. The sound composition was also generated from field recordings including hydrophone and contact microphones.

In September, as part of //RESPONSIVE, Geurts will produce a companion piece FATHOM II at Halifax Harbour (approx. 40° N), focussing on a high frequency site where a build-up of shipwrecks combined with the seafloor geology cause extreme magnetic anomalies, which historically have perpetuated further shipwrecks. This two-channel video will be on display at the waterfront.


James Geurts

Geurts lives and works in Melbourne and London. He has produced large-scale, site and time-specific projects and gallery works in international contexts since 2002.Recent commissions include: The Presence of Giants, Arts Victoria Public Sculpture Commission (2014); Magnetic Eclipse, a solstice light sculpture on Sun Pier, TONE Festival commission Medway River, UK (2014); Drawing: Tidal Topographies, shown at Dalhousie Art Gallery’s Place Markers exhibition in Halifax (2012); Drawing: Horizon, a solar light sculp-ture, staged on the coastline of the North Sea in The Hague (2010). His work has been presented by institu-tions including GEMAK Netherlands, Centre for Contemporary Art Telaviv Israel, La Chambre Blanche Quebec, Australian Center for Contemporary Art and White Cube London./

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