10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-129
joeessen+kessner. RESPONSIVE Halifax 2017. Photo joeressen+kessner (1)
10-20-2017 - ResponsiveLightArt_Nakaska-131
joeessen+kessner. RESPONSIVE Halifax 2017. Photo joeressen+kessner (3)
joeessen+kessner. RESPONSIVE Halifax 2017. Photo joeressen+kessner (2)
joeressen+kessner. RESPONSIVE Halifax 2017. Photo AGNS, Steve Farmer

City Hall // joeressen+kessner

joeressen+kessner have created a project specifically for Halifax’s city hall. This work combines light, sound and an analysis of the spacial, temporal and cultural qualities of the building. It utilizes the dynamics of our city hall’s unique aesthetic, architecture and history for a site-specific audio and projected work.

[Photos: Katarina Marinic and Steve Farmer]

joeressen+kessner develop transmedia interventions for site-specific works. They generate data systems that control audiovisual projections which are applied in real-time to a given site. The implementation of the digital dimension in an analog space via projection allows to disintegrate found settings and limitations and permits a redesign of references, reference sets, and reference qualities. The physical space with its architectural, spatial and temporal ratios turns into a media system. >> More

joeressen+kessner: Referential Work [INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016: L’Écriture de l’Espace]

Light as primary media of the analog sphere and as the media of display of the digital sphere serves as the interface and permits the linkage. >> More

joeressen+kessner: Referential Work [LICHTUNGEN Hildesheim 2015: Monte’Sant Angelo]

Since 2001, Eva-Maria Joeressen and Klaus Kessner are working as an artists’ team. At that point, both had already successful artistic careers for fifteen years: Since 1985, Eva-Maria Joeressen is regularly exhibiting with focus on objects and installations. Since 1998, she holds a professorship at the Peter-Behrend-School of Architecture in Duesseldorf. Since 1986, Klaus Kessner has been working as composer and sound designer, since 1992 his focus is on audiovisual systems and performances. In the mutual work, they developed a unique transmedia approach.


2017 // Houmet Souk (tn), SEE DJERBA
2016 // Tunis (tn), INTERFERENCE
2015 // Hildesheim (de), LICHTUNGEN
2014 // Koblenz (de), MITTELRHEIN MUSEUM


// Eva-Maria Joeressen
Since 1998 // Duesseldorf (de), Peter-Behrens-School of Arts, Professorship
Since 1985 // Regular exhibition activity, mainly in Germany
1956 // Born

// Klaus Kessner
Since 1986 // Regular composing and performing activity, mainly in Germany
1957 // Born

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