Art Gallery of Nova Scotia // Judith Roeder: Schirm

In the middle of a free hanging, transparent glass disk there is a blind spot covered with a silvery, light reflecting surface. On each side of the spot, there is a small light source that projects light onto it. Both lights are pulsing in their own rhythm. The interplay of the projected and the reflected light meanders in the environmental space.

Photos: Helge Articus, Alex Kästel, Alicja Kielan.

Judith Roeder: Referential Work


2016 // Vilnius (lv), Šv. Jono Gatvės Galerija
2015 // Barrage-Vauban-Strasbourg (fr), Biennale Internationale du Verre
2015 // Wroclaw (pl), SiC! Gallery


Since 2016 // Cologne (de), Studies Academy of Media Arts in Cologne
2010 // Koblenz (de), Diploma of Studies at the Institute of Ceramic and Glass Arts

Since 2009, regular exhibition activity, mainly in Europe
2005 // Munich (de), Certificate of Apprenticeship (Gesellenbrief) for stained glass working
1981 // Born in Daun (de)


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