ANNA LEONOWENS GALLERY // Marek Radke: The Way of the Life

This installation was created in connection with the artist’s reflections on life through the game of Mikado (aka: Pick-up Sticks). “As a child I dreamed that I could achieve everything in life if I only wanted to.  Today it shows that my path in life is as varied and as open as a game of Mikado: I win, I lose, I win…”


Marek Radke

*1952 born in Olsztyn/Poland

from 1959 Lives in Gdańsk/Poland
1972-78 Art studies and pedagogy Gdańsk University and University of A. Mickiewicz in Poznań
1988 Europe Prize for painting (Award) , Stedelijk Museum, Oostende
1983 Emigration to Finnland
1984 Emigration to Germany
1991-2015 lives in Gdańsk/Poland and Bielefeld/Germany
1993 IV Triennale Aquarell Polish, Lublin ( II Price)
2008 Stipendium The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, INC., New York
2012 Art Prize of the Kunstverein Paderborn and the Sparkasse Paderborn-Detmold

He lives and works in Bad Driburg/Germany

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