Hartung + Trenz [De]


CITADELL HIL // Hartung + Trenz: EVER & EVER

Detlef Hartung has been part of the planning of //RESPONSIVE since its inception in 2016. Together with his collaborator George Trenz the two presented Lightscape and their new work Character at //RESPONSIVE 2017.

Thi Projected onto the grassy slope of Citadel Hill, this text-based video pairs words that linguistically generate dualities such as: victory/defeat; euphoria/despair; back/forth. These pared down pairings express micro dramas about the human existence. Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz are an award-winning duo from Germany. They have worked together since 1998, creating site-specific and typography-based projected installations. Hartung + Trenz participated in the first edition of RESPONSIVE at the Memorial Public Library in 2017.  

Dona Nobis Pacem from Hartung & Trenz on Vimeo.

“When approaching a new project, we start to ask a lot of questions and in the same way and the same time, we explore the interplay of the site and the possibilities of projection. And the better both work, the more information and associations surface and the more questions dive up. Usually the midst of this entanglement becomes our working ground …”




Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz

Since more than 20 years Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz are realizing text projections for the inside and outside working as a team predominately – their big subject is the combination of light, space and language and all three factors playing together to break down other meaning levels.

In their typographical experiments they explore the symbolic dimension of characters as representation of definitions and contents. While playing with size and intervals, proportions and movement patterns as well as transparent and non-transparent overlays their black and white textures are forming. As ephemeral surfaces for build architecture or landscapes they become visual scores in which the quality of characters is envisioned as well as associative dimension. The range of activities of this artist pair reaches from the creation of a flashlight as multiple up to landscape-large and digitally animated projections.

The cooperation of both artists began in the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich as master-class pupils of Prof. Gerhard Berger. Georg Trenz, born in 1962, had completed his studies as a communication designer and Detlef Hartung, born in 1958, had studied mechanical engineering before.

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Friedrich Boell [De]

HISTORIC PROPERTIES //Friedrich Boell: Dead Pixels (2018)

Based on Böll’s discovery of a box of damaged iPhones, Dead Pixels features a freestanding, choreographed grid of flickering phone screens that are individually re-programmed byBöll to mimic the individual pixels in a larger, abstract composition. Böll has an extensive knowledge of electronics from his work and studies at Information Technology and Network Systems, in Berlin, Germany, combined with his education from Academy of Media Arts, in Cologne.

Boell is a student at the Media Arts Academy of cologne and was a student contributor to our sister exhibition in Cologne COLLUMNIA.

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Friedrich Boell

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Dawid Liftinger + Camilo Sandoval [De]


HISTORIC PROPERTIES // Dawid Liftinger + Camilo Sandoval [De]: RGBW

Within a fraction of seconds, the three primary colours red, green, blue (RGB) and also white are projected sequentially onto a surface to create to the human eye a single colourful image. The artists want to deconstruct this “artificial” image and show the original components.
A projector is placed in the middle of an empty room pointing towards a spinning 45-degree-tilted mirror. The projection falls onto the surrounding walls as the only source of light in the room. On certain RPMs, which resonate with the projector’s frequency, the image divides from as usually perceived white into several fractured projections. The colours red, green, blue, and white (RGBW) twine on the walls creating a seamless colourful loop. The result, effectively and also technically, alludes to those of an old zoetrope. Visitors are invited to enter the room and spend as much time as desired in order to perceive the different effects generated by the combinations of different light intensities and variations in speed of the rotating mirror.


Camilo Sandoval
Dawid Liftinger

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Alan Syliboy, Lukas Pearse + The Thundermakers [NS, CA]


ART GALLERY NOVA SCOTIA Courtyard // Alan Syliboy, Lukas Pearse + The Thundermakers

Accompanied by an audio component, this collaborative 4-channel video and audio outdoor installation features the artwork of Alan Syliboy projected onto the courtyard of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, mapped and modified by Lukas Pearse. On Saturday evening 28 Saturday, there will be a live performance with Syliboy, Pearse and their band, The Thundermakers. Alan Syliboy is a Mi’kmaq artist born in Truro, Nova Scotia, residing in the Millbrook First Nations community. He is the percussionist for The Thundermakers and has a background in mixed media and illustrations. Lukas Pearse is a media artist, composer and sound editor living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is the bassist of the Thundermakers and creates digital and electronic sound art.  


Alan Syliboy and the Thundermakers
Lukas Pearse

Alan Syliboy

Alan Syliboy is a Mi’kmaq artist born in Truro, Nova Scotia, and residing in the Millbrook First Nations community. His art study began with Shirley Bear and later at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Alan is known for his works of mixed media, illustrations and as percussionist in the band Alan Syliboy and the Thundermakers.

Lukas Pearse

Lukas Pearse is a media artist, composer and sound editor living Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is an award-winning film composer and member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada. Lukas creates digital and electrical sound art and is bassist in the band Alan Syliboy and The Thundermakers.

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David Clark + NSCAD Digital Projects Class [Ca]


ART BAR +PROJECTS //David Clark + NSCAD Digital Projects Class

The piece will be a collaborative installation involving light, projection, and sound by the Digital Projects & Electronic Culture class taught by Professor David Clark. 

Digital Projects & Electronic Culture is: Eric Duplessis, Jon Everett, Undine Foulds, Jinxin Guo, Kei On Lam, Brittany Moore Shirley, Wren Morris David.

Clark is a media artist interested in experimental narrative form, the cinematic use of the internet, and media art in the public sphere. 


David Clark V-Tape

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Marek Radke + SJAM: Another Unknown World – workshop…


ANNA LEONOWENS GALLERY //Marek Radke + SJAM: Another Unknown World – workshop

Marek Radke has been invited to collaborate with students from St. Joseph Alexander McKay Elementary School to create a new installation at the Anna Leonowens Gallery. Radke has been collaborating with school groups to create public light art installations. He calls these collective compositions “Another Unknown World”.

Using disposable plastic items like bottles, yogurt packaging, laundry containers and so on, Radke and the students repurpose these objects to create a new world. “My intention is to create collectively a story that will live in space.” Following Radke’s lead, participants deconstruct or build upon the recyclables to create new other worldly objects with glue, paper maché and neon, fluorescent colours that will glow in the installation.

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Marek Radke

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